Off-site construction is inherently more sustainable than site build construction for a number of reasons. We produce less waste and are able to recycle more materials due to our controlled environment . Unlike site built construction where materials are subject to moisture, swelling and often mold/mildew, our materials are not exposed to weather in the construction process providing straighter construction, reliability, and improved indoor air quality. There is less disturbance to the site because instead of a prolonged construction process which can impact trees and erosion only the final assembly occurs on site. We also build to a higher standard which increases strength, performance, and energy efficiency of our homes. Safe access to all areas of the structure through movable catwalks and other measures during construction allows more precise, tighter construction. Quality controls and additional testing throughout the process ensure consistency and performance. We are qualified to produce under rating systems such as ENERGY STAR AND USGBC LEED Certification.